Beautiful Fall Color Inspirations

Three apples with  engraved hearts on wood background

I love fall. I love the colors of the trees with their beautiful shades of reds, oranges, yellows and browns. And the foods of fall are brightly colored too; orange pumpkins and squash, red, yellow and green apples, yellow, brown and green pears, purple and green kale to name a few….all beautiful and unique shades. No two trees are colored exactly alike and they change every day. How exciting is that? Fall inspires a wonderful array of colors to choose from when presenting your holiday meals or fall themed dinners. I happen to love the color orange combined with splashes of red and green. Get your table inspirations when you look outside. Nature is always changing and inspiring me.

Pumpkin stuffed with raw vegetables and viburnum

Currants or raspberries are a beautiful accent to squash.

Three apples with  engraved hearts on wood background

Love all the different apples available this time of year. So many flavors and colors to choose from. I also think the hearts carved in these apples would make lovely table decorations.

autumn foliageFall in Wisconsin. Really, really lucky to see this every year. Amazing Nature!