Creating Food Videos

Wow! It’s been 4 months now of learning and creating food videos for The Food Styling School. I have learned so much in so little time. Making videos has definitely been a challenge but oh so worth it. I love how video allows you to create a fun mood, a creative imperfect path to making food look beautiful. Not to mention I just love teaching! I also love that I can do this in my home studio. The biggest things I have learned are to take the time to plan each video. That includes props, food, and the sequence. Videos really need to be thought through and mapped out in advance. Trust me, if you don’t do it you will not get nearly as much done as you would like to in a day. I was reminded the hard way again yesterday when I was filming a video that will be given as a freebie with my the new food styling kit I am selling at The Food Styling Store. I really thought that a demo on 39 tools could be done in 4 hours. I had all the food and props planned but forgot about really working out the angles and sequences in advance so my assistant and I spent a lot of time just figuring things out. Needless to say, Monday will be another shoot day for us.

If you want to see one of my videos and see what style of videos I am shooting and how I am teaching at the food styling school click here:

Let me know what you think!