Last Minute Gift ideas for the food lovers in your life

Christmas gift box and gingerbread cookies on wooden background

Only a few days to finish up shopping before Christmas. Don’t panic! Especially if you have some food lovers on your Christmas list. I have a few ideas that have worked for me when I have been at a loss as to what to get.

This year I decided to get my brother a unique “gift basket” with products made in Wisconsin (I hope he doesn’t read this…hahaha). My brother lives out of state and will surely appreciate some tastes from back home. I like to package these types of gifts in a useful fun vessel instead of a basket since those seem to end up collecting dust in my basement. Here are some ideas for unique vessels to package your goodies in. And think about including some of the foods that your state is known for. You can also stop by your local organic grocery or health food store. They often carry many local products and can be really helpful in assisting you.

The first one is the crate caddy and it is awesome when giving wine, specialty olive oils and vinegars or other glass packed goodies.

Next is the swoon worthy copper tub. I would LOVE this as a gift. The copper is beautiful and would make a wonderful centerpiece of cold beverages at your parties.

The festive and red party bucket and fits in great with a Christmas color theme. I have two orange bins like this and use them a lot during summer months.

This wok is super sleek and would be really nice with some high end sauces, tea towels, a contemporary spatula, chop sticks and some other delectable goodies that would complete an entire meal. Or stuff it full of veggies and a bag of jasmine rice and soy sauce or other Asian sauces and spices. This idea sets the theme for you!

Love the steamer basket/colandar combo. It is a really nice design and would make the perfect container for food gifts. Line with pretty tea towels or linen napkins.Another vintage crate and these have food themes. I actually found a bunch of these at an estate sale years ago and still occasionally give them away filled with gifts. They look really amazing with a layer of raffia in the bottom.

The fruit is crate is a great vintage inspired gift “basket”. I have quite a few of these that I received from an estate sale many years ago. I like filling it with fresh fruits like apples, quince, pumpkins, or pears and a pretty pie plate and a recipe for a pie. You could include all the ingredients necessary to make that pie. If your recipient is not a baker the fruit could be paired with a bag of steel cut oats, brown sugar, a set of pretty cereal bowls. Think homemade on this one. Once you decide on the “theme” like a recipe or Wisconsin made or breakfast the rest will come to you.

After deciding on the container and the gifts, I like to come up with a color palette and theme to the gift wrapping. Don’t feel you have to use only traditional Christmas type wrapping paper. I love taking brown craft paper and gluing buttons of sprigs of pine to the packages and wrapping them in twine or a pretty linen ribbon. The options are endless. Use your unique tastes to wrap your gifts. The only “rule” I think would be to keep your color palette to two or three choices. More than three and your basket will start to get very busy looking and will lose that instant “wow” impact.


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Wrapping eco Christmas packages

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