One Big Drippy, Ooey-Gooey Mess

Most people wouldn’t hear “drippy”, “ooey-gooey” and “mess” about food and think, “Yum. Give me more of that!” However, food styling, as I’ve mentioned before, is FUN and one of the reasons it’s fun, is that you get to be messy, you get to be drippy and ooey and gooey. In fact, it’s part of the job and an important one at that!

Food has to look more than just edible in pictures, it needs to look mouth- watering delicious. One of the tricks every food stylist knows, is that slighty “messy” food will do this. Pay attention the next time you are looking at photographs of food. You’ll find that an “imperfect” looking food item is what creates the anticipation of tasting perfection!


For example, a drip of ketchup oozing down over the bottom of a hamburger bun or melty cheese hanging and dribbling over the side of that sandwich says, “I can’t be contained because I’m bursting with flavor!” These kind of images are beautiful in the world of food styling and are a key element in creating a, “Gimme some of that” reactions.
Crumbs on plates, slithering melted chocolate, butter slightly dripping from a fresh croissant are all good signs that you’re doing well in creating a delicious looking food photo. In most careers, being a little messy doesn’t exactly win you praise but in food styling, it helps you stand out in the best way possible!

What are some of your favorite photos of drippy, messy, ooey-gooey food? I’d love to know! Interested in knowing more about how you can create your own world of delectable looking food? Stay tuned for my food styling workshops. Sign up on my workshops page here to be one of the first to know when they are announced.