The Strength of Limited Color Palettes




Limited color palettes in photos can be one of two things. Boring or Beautiful, depending on how you do it. While I love color and find the natural strong colors of fruits and vegetables very energetic and exciting in a food photo I also have a love for the gentle strength and understated beauty of very limited color palettes. To me, there is a quiet sense of strength and sophistication in a food photograph that uses limited color the right way.

So, what makes a photo like this work? Texture interest, movement in design, various tones of one color, the layout or design of the photo, or a very small accent color placed in just the right place. When you look at a mono-tone photo you start to see textures. Beautiful textures…if you choose them wisely. Look at the photo of the espresso puddings. The swirls in the pudding draw you in, the suede texture of the placemat makes you go….ooooo….ahhhhh…..and the shiny smooth glass sparkles along with the spoons. Yummy to look at. I want to be there. I want to eat those puddings. How about you?