Valentine’s Day Red Velvet Layer Cake for Two



I love Valentine’s Day. I love the sweet treats that the holiday brings. My idea was to create a cake for two to share.

I made a red velvet cake from a box mix using two 8″ round cake pans to give me a little more height on each layer. I also used Wilton’s cake baking strips to keep the layers flat and even.

I always make sure to weigh each 8″ round pan with the batter in it to make sure I will be getting even layers.

After baking, I let the cakes cool then cut them each in half lengthwise to form 4 layers. This cake required only two of the layers so I wrapped up the other two layers and put them in the

freezer for use at a later date.



I then cut out the layers with my round cookie cutters.


Next I tinted my vanilla frosting to add two colors: Orange and Yellow. I kept 1/3 of the frosting white.


I alternated the yellow and white frosting for the layers, then frosted the entire cake with the orange frosting.

I then sprinkled on shredded coconut and gently pressed it into the sides.


There are so many variations you can do with this cake. You could chose different shaped cookie cutters, a different cake flavor (or multiple flavors),

a different flavor frosting or filling for the layers, a different topping for the outside or a vary the height of the cake by how many layers you choose.

You can even vary the size of the cake.  What about doing a cupcake sized layer cake for one? What are your favorite flavors and ideas?







  • Tonia@thegunnysack

    That looks amazing! I haven’t figured out what to make for our Valentine’s Day dessert yet.

  • Miranda Payne Couse

    This the perfect little layer cake for Valentine’s Day! It looks like it could be a blast to put together too!

  • Melanie | Melanie Makes

    The perfect sweet treat to share with your sweet!