White Plates are the Right Plates

Okay, so truth be told, white plates are usually the right plates but as all rules are meant to be broken I could be proven wrong quite easily. My theory is that white plates tend to make almost every food look pretty darn amazing. Why? Because white is neutral and unassuming. White is quiet and subtle and stark. White doesn’t fight with your food or cause chaos. White enhances the colors of your food. It is the perfect backdrop for most foods because it doesn’t compete with your food. White plates let your food be the shining hero, the movie star, the talk of the town. White has a way to let your food do all the talking. White is the perfect date….hahaha….


Let’s look at some examples:


Boiled crayfish in the bowl with dill

Here are some crayfish plated on a patterned plate. There is a lot going on here visually. I tend to look more at the brightly patterned plate than

I do the crayfish. Not only is this plate distracting but it does nothing for the appetite appeal of the crayfish.


Boiled crayfish in the bowl with dill

And here is the same food plated on a colored plate. This plate does not work first and foremost because the plate is the same color as the crayfish.

The more subtle patterning is distracting. Again, I am not looking at the crayfish. I do like that the green leaf lettuce was used to separate the crayfish

from the plate but it is not enough to make this photo work.

boiled crawfish with fresh lemon on the plate

And here is the same food on a white plate.

The composition of this plate is much better than those examples above but even without the better composition I think the white plate really lets the crayfish shine.

This photo is all about the crayfish. The added color of the garnishes are nice accents as well.