Why a food styling blog?

Writing a blog has been a long time dream of mine. So many people ask me about my profession. Sometimes they are just curious because they have never heard of a food stylist. Other times they ask because they think food styling would be a fun and interesting career choice and would love to learn how.  My email inbox is full of inquiries each week. And now it is time to share what I know with others. There are so few places you can go to learn not only about the profession but about the secret tricks of the trade, or how to make your food photos look better, or even how to present your food for serving to family and friends. I love the idea of posting recipes and magic tips and inspiration to make your food look fabulous too. I am passionate about food and food photography and ready to share my passion with you!

Welcome to Fabulous Food Styling.com!

Jennifer Janz
A Fabulous Food Stylist